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The tomato, the love apple, the fruit of the gods…. As you can tell, we love our tomatoes! Each year we try to introduce new varieties to the menu but we also make sure to always have the classics.  Brandywine, Green Zebra, Cherokee. The tomato is also the backbone of our food product line.  It provides the flavor for our pasta sauces, Bloody Mary and chutney.


This crop is a major focus for Waldingfield Farm. Quite frankly, it is what has made us famous. If you can believe it, there was a time that we thought no one would want field grown, fresh tomatoes with tremendous flavor and as many colors as a magic marker set. There was a year when we didn’t grow them. But that was then. This is now. The largest selection of certified organic tomatoes that we know of in New England.

Red rocket Bull’s heart
Bush celebrity Russian 117
bush beefsteak Palestinian
Daybreak Oxheart
Early cascade Believe it or not
Fireworks Brandywine
Oregon spring Caspian pink
Gregori’s Altai German johnson
Polar baby Goliath
Prairie fire Omar’s lebanese
Siletz Pruden’s purple
Super chief 1884 Zogola
Abraham Lincoln Sandul moldovan
Ball’s beefsteak Opalka (sauce)
Big boy Tuscanny
bulgarian #7 Sweet 100
Campbell 1327 Hillbilly
Celebrity Mortgage lifter (bicolor)
Champion Pineapple
Costoloto fiorentino Blue fruit
Costoluto genovese Black from tula
Creole purple calabash
First prize green zebra
Hawaiian Evergreen
Heatwave Amana orange
Hilltop Orange strawberry
Homesweet Sun gold
Jet star Valencia
Lisa king Persimmon
Long keeper White beauty
Peron White queen
Pink girl Great white
Russian rose Lemon boy
Sioux Garden peach
Thessalonski Yellow brandywine (platfoot strain)
Box car willie Yellow currant
Dad’s mug Zapotec pink ribbed
Druzba German red strawberry

Availability: starting in early August and continuing into mid-October or heavy frost