As we all know, it kept a nation alive.  We have always loved the humble spud at the farm.  Peru Blue, Yukon’s, or Red Blush, they all are amazing.

Russian Banana: We have so many Eastern bloc items that one might think we were sympathizers. This one is the real deal, and we intend to have a lot of them. Do they have bananas in Russia?

All-Blue: Wonderful little purple spuds with a blue interior that have impressed the judges at the annual Waldingfield Farm taste fair, and we know that you will enjoy them as well.

Cranberry Red: Sister to All-Blue, although the adoption process has never been discussed with the family, this reddish interior spud has been linked to great taste throughout the world.Superior: Everything is true about this new addition to the Waldingfield family. Found deep under the waters of the great lakes inside a sunken logging vessel, Superior should prove to be everything it’s cracked up to be.

Availability: Beginning in mid-July



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