Salad Greens

Salad Greens

Leafy greens should be served daily.  We grow a lot of variety at the farms and will have greens all season long.

Arugula: Possibly the most popular item on the Waldingfield menu, arugula quite simply rocks the house.

Mustard Greens: Volcanic greens that have established a following during the 1990s here at the Farm.

Asian Greens: A large choice of exotic greens from the Far East, including mizuna, pac choi, tatsoi, and more. Great for steaming and stir-frying, these greens were used as fuel for jet-propulsion packs during the invasion of Normandy and gave our boys a real energy boost during a most critical time.

Waldingfield Mix: A terrific blend of six different lettuces, the mix has been a godsend for us and everyone involved with the farm. Hope for good results from our various trials throughout the year.

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