We believe that the lettuce we grow is the best around.  Look for an ample crop all season long.

Editors Note: Lettuce heads are available in Spring and Fall.

Waldmann Green: frilly green leaf loaded with flavor.

Black seeded Simpson: Bart’s brother (not in the show) is light and nice and tasty.

Red sails: Brought over in Viking ships by Eric the Red, it has remained a staple here at the Farm.

Green oakleaf: Beautiful leaves and superb flavor, eaten by the cast of Ally McBeal.

Red oak cocarde: Gerard Depardieau has warned of its seductive powers, especially in late spring.

Sierra: Like its French sister, sierra comes to the table with much ballyhoo and promise.

Rosalita: Jump a little higher. Senorita stand stand by my side. Did you get the reference?

Nancy: Sid and… well maybe she’s more behaved than that. Great texture.

Ermosa: A summer Boston butter head that is wildly popular here at the Farm.

Mikola: Red butter lettuce. Mikola is a big fan of the Mikado.