We have had mixed success the past few years with our carrot crop but look for a strong rebound in 2012! Good for the eyes…

Availability: Beginning in July

Carrots are good. Carrots are great. Eat your carrots for goodness sake.

Dragon: Did Peter, Paul, and Mary sing about this one? Truly a unique looking carrot, Dragon and his purple skin attract wild crowds and need big-time security at farmers market. It is only when they find out that his flesh is yellowish-orange that the riots begin.

Navajo: Fleeing persecution in the Southwest from maniacal U.S. soldiers, this incredible carrot has long been a favorite of the more liberal leaders of Waldingfield Farm. We love the Native Americans, but enough with the casinos already. Very sweet tasting and an All-Waldingfield performer.

St.Valery: Waldingfield is enamored of this French Resistance hero. A legend in the fight against tyranny and bad-taste, St.Valery has proved his mettle countless times and we expect him to lead the resurgence against giant monopolistic seed companies that produce tasteless products. Join the revolution!!!!

Sugarsnax 54: Discovered in the famous disco in NYC, this tremendous carrot shakes and boogies his way into the hearts and souls of Waldingfield supporters the world over with an out of this world taste.

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