We grow a number of bean varieties on the farm. As you know, they’re good for your heart.!

Cherokee Trail of Tears: An astonishing black bean that arrived at the hallowed ground of Waldingfield Farm after many moons of travel. Cold and hungry, this delicious and unusual bean promised peace and prosperity for the sympathetic crew of the farm. We in turn assured them that they had in fact come home.

Dragons Tongue: A beautiful Dutch wax bean from medieval lore. Such an aggressive name implies a wicked temperament, but alas we at Waldingfield have discovered this cream-colored, purple-striped bean to be a treat to be around and enjoy.

Ireland Creek Annie: This yellowish bush bean of Irish descent left the Wild West show of Buffalo Bill and began her quest for a home in the Litchfield Hills. After many rejections and near-deals of home ownership, she stumbled onto the back forty of Waldingfield Farm where she encountered such a resounding welcome that she decided to stay. The management did however seize all of her guns and contraband.

Kentucky Wonder Pole: No, this is not a horse in the Derby. A luscious green bean with tremendous character, his endurance and tenacity in the fields has inspired even the most hardened agricultural veteran. Truly a remarkable heirloom variety that we hope will set numerous production records at Waldingfield Farm.

Provider: An excellent green bean, perfect for summer consumption. Green beans were a staple diet during the black plague in the 14th century, and kept much of Europe alive until the darkness lifted.

Rocdor: The prototypical yellow wax bean. Very delicious and nutritious. Waldingfield has long championed the use of yellow wax beans in the diet. An All-Waldingfield performer since 1998.

Royalty Purple: A descendant of King John I, he fortunately has none of the irascible personality of his villainous forefather. Purple beans will increase your vertical leap and is the official purple bean of the NewYork Knicks.