Winter Recap


Not much to gripe about the past few months except that it wasn’t cold enough to kill off much of the pests (big ad small) which we farmers confront each season.  The warmest winter in the past century (according to the National weather Service), we took the time to get field work done earlier, prune apple trees, fix machinery in a warmer barn then winters past, and generally prep for 2012.  The winter farmers markets kept us in front of local clients in Litchfield and New Haven, as well as giving us a little boost each week.  The CSA program started its annual fund raising in January and we’re extending some invitations to a few on the wait list. It’s great to have such solid clients.  Overall, a very good winter, calm and not as depressing as some years in the past. At least no one did their best Jack (Nicholson) impression and went bonkers. with an ax..