Winter Blues

Ah, winter, how we love you.  And what a brutal display of power you have wrought upon us this year! The cold northern air sweeps across the landscape issuing daily reminders that spring is still six weeks away, and while we can accept that, we would rather the warmer air return asap.  So what is possibly going on while this vortex season continues to rage?  Plenty!  From machine work to building out the internal structure of the new barn, there always seems to be a lot going on at the farm.  

We are also still making our weekly trek to the winter market in New Haven.  Based inside this year after 7 years outside, the market will last until the end of April before heading back out of doors for the regular season.  We are out of our winter storage crops due to an above average autumn sales period, so we are only taking our prepared food line to market.   The sauces, the bloody mary, our honey and jams/chutneys at least allow us a presence, and also allow us to get out the word about the CSA.

Speaking of CSAs, we are expanding ours this year and after the success of last season we appear to be finding our stride.  Models for CSAs are not easy to build and we have had periods where the selection has been lean, to say the least.  We found faults in our model, executed the changes necessary, and know that we can deliver a 20-25 week season with little difficulty (but plenty of hard work!). 

Most of the seeds are ordered, the greenhouses will get their first plantings this month, tractors are ready to work once the thaw comes, and we are ready to rock in 2014.