Um, is it Spring yet?

Two days into spring and what you may ask does that mean for the farm?  Well, usually the first wave of sugar snap peas would have been in the ground but there still remains a few inches of snow cover, as well as the fact that the ground has yet to thaw.   We  had hoped to get some hearty fare into some row covered rows by no, too, but it looks like two weeks before we’ll be in the ground, at the very least.  Depending on which ground is ready first, we’ll have to plant carefully in the first few weeks of April.   Often the planned site for a certain crop is not ready yet, too wet. The gradual start to the season we hoped for looks now to be one which starts all of a sudden and doesn’t let up till fall..  But, we will be prepared for it.   The greenhouse is full, our offsite growers are ready with our seedlings for a mid April first pick up, and the season will get underway eventually.

The maple sap has been flowing fairly well and we look to have a wonderful supply for the year (about 80 gallons – which is great for us), and the CSA program is busy collecting funds and getting new and old members caught up with the goings on at the farm.  machinery is primed and ready, farmers (Jed and Quincy – Patrick is on paternity leave for a month) are chomping at the bit to get outside and farm the land. 2013 is so full of potential and excitement, we are really looking forward to it.

So, spring will have to wait another week.  Such is life.  When the snow finally says goodbye and the ground warms, winter will seem a distant memory.