The Summer begins…

So  here we are at the end of June in Connecticut, which is typically warm at this time of year but the past two days the entire country seems to be in deep broil.  The heat from last week went away (Monday was 60!) but then returned in even hotter days.  The crew were again at it in the grueling sun today but this time the picking for CSA and market were all done by 1pm., not like last weeks all day adventure.  Now don’t get us wrong, we know heat is part of the deal but it felt like the deep south today.  Ugh.   Hopefully there will be a break and we can get back to our normal 80 degree days.

The past month was a great challenge for all.  The crew and management knew that basically between May 1st and July 1st that its game day every day in order to ensure a proper full season harvest. Happily we are there now and the look of admiration the crew had on their faces this week was pretty cool to behold.  Ten men, and one women,  have worked themselves to the bone and from our perspective they turned a huge corner over the past few weeks.  They are indeed farmers. They have earned it.  

There are many challenges yet unknown which will come, for sure, but as each day begins this group takes it by the throat and beats it down.  Hats off to them.