The Heat…

So the past three days have brought massive heat to the fields, and more recently (at 4:pm today) a massive rain.  Few things are as dangerous in farming as high heat, and few things bring the buzz down like heat followed by a massive rain in the middle of the work day when picking for CSAs and markets are going down. It’s known as a double pooch. Needless to say, today was a tough day.  

The crew today, a noble group of young men if ever there was one, worked a twelve hour day with no break and from here on out have earned their stripes as farmers.  Four guys prepped CSA pick-ups for 150, packed three market trucks, and still had their senses at the end of the day. WFN in da house!  An effort like today comes but a few times a season and our caps are tipped for the effort.

Heat bring alot of pain to us, the greens bolt in a New York minute,  and patience tends to boil by noon on a day like this.  However, what we are seeing from the fields in response is encouraging; tomatoes and peppers are loving it, cuc’s, squash and zuc are exploding and soon the summer fare will be abundant.  The lessons learned by the crew today are many, but one sticks out from our perspective, namely that farming is a team game.  Work hard as a group and much can be done.  Go solo and you will end up a dirt farmer.  

Thats all for now but, in closing, we say keep cool and  be cool.