‘Taters, the Farm Bill, and other thoughts…

So this past week we decided to head up to Malone, NY to purchase our potato seed directly from a large grower who has been providing us with seed for a few seasons.  Usually a friend of ours makes the drive but he was laid up with a knee injury so Patrick and one of the farm crew set out on a glorious journey to the top of NY state. Malone is about 10 miles from the Canadian border, directly above Lake Placid.  Needless to say the scenery driving up there was really beautiful, and upon arriving at the farm we were blown away by the flat fields of the lower St Lawrence Valley.  Simply amazing. We left with 1750 lbs of  Fingerling and Adirondack Blue potato seed and this week they with make their way into to the Big Top field.  We have doubled our previous potato production in the hopes of greatly increasing our winter market supplies (as well as for our fall markets and CSA members, too).

The latest Farm Bill is being debated right now in Congress and here is a link to an article which we found interesting.  Seems like organic farming has a few of the less enlightened members of the House quite nervous.  Curious as to how people feel about the Farm Bill. It means so much to so many parts of our economy.

The farmers markets are all starting up soon (we have been in New Haven all year round, and now in Kent) and we look forward to getting our product to the people.  CSA programs are also starting soon and there are last minute pleadings everyday from people who fear being shut out.  One thing we have to say is that for those who sign on late, next season you should be the first to send in your funds. After all, the funds are needed in the very beginning of the year when revenue is most tight. That being said, few of us who do CSA’s will refuse a last minute sign up.  Its cash up front, right?