Spring Planting – Sugar Snap Peas

Spring Planting – Sugar Snap Peas

Ah, spring how we missed you. The warmer air has come at last and erased a long winter from our collective minds… almost! Still it is probably safe to say that the chance of a last winter storm is getting smaller with each passing day and soon the first apple blossoms will burst open inviting the bees to feast.

The planting has started and the crew is coming together nicely.   We put the first 30 lbs of the sugar snap pea crop in the ground on the 2nd of April, another 25 lbs in today, and will do the final 25 lbs next week. And, as each week passes and more of the fields get plowed, tilled, and planted we will reach peak planting and acreage (approx. 20-22 acres) by mid July. We will plant the first of the kales, chards, and other hearty greens this week, as well, and transplant lettuce heads, direct seeding of arugula, Asian greens, radishes, carrots, and beets. This season we will be expanding our selection considerably and some of our friends have been instrumental in helping us with some of the new seed we will try this year.   Sweet.

The mighty tomato crop is coming along nicely, too, and is currently growing at one of the propagation farms we employ. As our greenhouse space is limited – we try to maximize the space we do have with crops that require a little less “TLC” then some of the more delicate heirlooms strains we like to grow. Gilberties, located in Easton, CT is the place this year after we tried a smaller operation last season.  We will be working closely with their greenhouse manager to ensure a steady supply of transplants making it to our fields from early April through August.

So, the season has begun, and just in time. We are looking forward to growing lots of food for our clients this coming season, and with a little luck, and some good weather, our 25th season will be a memorable one.

Lastly, a poem about the mighty sugar snap pea,  by Lawrence S. Pertiller. It just seemed fitting.



Sugar snap peas,

I plant thy rods.

To enable your journey…

With tentacles to grab tight.

In this garden,

You will make home.


Search as you climb and bloom.

Roam and stretch within the room,

You make yours and ascend!

Sugar snap peas…

Near fresh soiled cucumber seeds.

Growing with you slow…

To enhance the sweet organic taste!

To please separately,

Or in a fixed mixed blend.


On this day in the month of May.

In late Spring…

The sunset will bring,

A brightness upon your pods.

And ready you will be picked to eat.

Rather cooked or raw…

Under the coming early Summer heat!

Sugar snap peas,