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March, lion or lamb?

Ah, March, you rascal.  Balmy and sunny one  moment, snowy, icy and cold the next.  As spring peeks out from around the corner, winterreminds us she still has a few last bursts of arctic air left to dispel.  The month where we start the process 

Um, is it Spring yet?

Two days into spring and what you may ask does that mean for the farm?  Well, usually the first wave of sugar snap peas would have been in the ground but there still remains a few inches of snow cover, as well as the fact 

First plantings of 2013

So, after a little bit of a delay, the 2013 season is officially on!  As seen in the picture, the first wave of sugar snap peas went in the ground March 28th.  Not bad considering there was snow on the ground last week.  The air 

Spring plantings, and other April thoughts…

So here we are the day after the horror that was the Boston marathon bombing.  Felt like a good time to get some things off the chest and also write about some positive things, as well. Yesterday was such a sad day for all Americans 

May begins to feel good…

The days are now starting to get a little longer and the extra hours of light means that the work day is also getting longer.  Planting, tilling, watering, seeding, harvesting, it’s all in play now!  There is much to report so I’ll not dilly dally. 

‘Taters, the Farm Bill, and other thoughts…

So this past week we decided to head up to Malone, NY to purchase our potato seed directly from a large grower who has been providing us with seed for a few seasons.  Usually a friend of ours makes the drive but he was laid 

The rains, tomatoes, and Memorial Day frost…

Well, after a spring which has been devoid of any moisture (or so it seemed), the past few days have brought record rain here in Litchfield County.  Thursday was four to five inches depending on where in the state you reside and it was close 

The new barn, the start of the CSA, and school kids…

The week has been, and continues to be, a very busy one for all of us at the farm.  Major tomato and potato plantings, a bus load of 5th grade school children from NYC, and the raising of the new barn.  The story of the 

Who’ll stop the rain?

“Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain” – John Foggerty Ah, the early morning sun is rising in the east, the farm is quiet, and the hounds are still not up from their midnight 

Market Report…

With June almost over there is now a certain rhythm which sets pace here at the farm.  It is one where the back beat is always constant, one which may include extended jams like planting tomatoes for 12 straight hours, or picking peas for 10 

Mid Summers Dream…

Ah, July how fast you came and went!  After the most wretched June on record the dog days of summer arrived in full force.   Amazing what a difference the sun makes to the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and all the other long term fall crops 

The Harvest Comes to an End…

The chill is in the air, the first frost has come and gone, and now the maple leaves are strewn all across the yard – these are the traditional signs of the season coming to an end.  It is a time of much sadness for 

Winter Blues

Ah, winter, how we love you.  And what a brutal display of power you have wrought upon us this year! The cold northern air sweeps across the landscape issuing daily reminders that spring is still six weeks away, and while we can accept that, we 

Spring Planting – Sugar Snap Peas

Spring Planting – Sugar Snap Peas

Ah, spring how we missed you. The warmer air has come at last and erased a long winter from our collective minds… almost! Still it is probably safe to say that the chance of a last winter storm is getting smaller with each passing day 

May at the farm

May at the farm

May is the usually the turning point for us here at the farm, the month where it all gets down to brass tacks with plantings, massive tilling days, and the beginning of (gasp!) the market season. The air, warmer and more hospitable to work in, 

Mid Summer Report – 2014

Mid Summer Report – 2014

The Mid-Summer Report: It is hard to believe that the end of July is upon us and though we have achieved a lot so far this season, what is most exciting is how much we have to look forward to.  The hard work of the 

September Harvest

September Harvest

The fields are raining tomatoes and in the distance the sunflowers dance like an agrarian Martha Graham piece.  This is simply the best time to be at the farm despite the fact that most of the crew has left for school, and the days are 

CSA Season

CSA Season

In 1990 our brother Dan started a small organic farm in Washington, CT.  The first things he did were buy a dog; a Redbone Coonhound named Otis, and he start a CSA.  The plan was to engage with a group of friends and neighbors, get 

2017 – A new year begins…

2017 – A new year begins…

It is a brand new year with many challenges ahead of us as we enter our 28th season (whoa!!) growing certified organic vegetables in the Litchfield hills.  It never ceases to amaze us how quickly time flies and as we settle into middle age as 

The changeover

The changeover

We are approaching the end line for our current president’s tenure and as such some are lamenting the loss of such a talented and charismatic leader.  Others will hold their breath and wait to see where the next administration will take us, and still others