First plantings of 2013

So, after a little bit of a delay, the 2013 season is officially on!  As seen in the picture, the first wave of sugar snap peas went in the ground March 28th.  Not bad considering there was snow on the ground last week.  The air got considerably warmer and the spot we planted drained well and we were able to till and plant relatively quickly.  Jed and Q fixed our old seeder (and added the new one) and it sowed like a dream!

Historically, the first peas go in the ground a little after St Patrick’s Day so this is pretty good.  Soon the first kale(s), swiss chard, spinach, radishes, lettuce greens, and other earl;y hearty fare will be in the ground, too!.  Sweet. 

More to come later but just so psyched to be finally in the ground.