Join our CSA Program!

Thanks for enquiring about a CSA with Waldingfield Farm! We are happy to announce that our 2018 season signup is now open.

We have made some minor changes to our CSA model for 2018 that we believe will enhance the experience and include more opportunities for people to participate. We have decided that we will now offer a single share price that can be broken into a full ($600 for 20 weeks) AND a half share ($350 for 10 weeks) share. The Half share will be a pick up every two weeks, and for many people who think a full share is “too much food”, this should be the perfect solution.  All shares will be the same amount of produce at pick ups/drops.

Payment can be done online (, or with checks and/or cash. Payment plans are also available.

  • Full shares can pay $600 and be done with it, or break it into 3 payments of $200.
  • Half shares can pay $350 at once, or break it into 3 payments of $150 (1) and $100 (2).
  • Should another plan be needed, please feel free to call or email.

From the beginning we have always believed that a CSA was the driving force behind our success as a small organic farm.  For 20 weeks we provide weekly and bi-weekly pick-ups and drop-offs for our clients comprised of what we have growing in the fields that particular week.

We have pick-ups at farmers markets  (New Haven, Sandy Hook, Washington Depot), and we also have drop spots (in Fairfield & New Haven Counties, and Brooklyn NY).  Stay tuned for locations.

We have pick-ups at  our barn store on East Street in Washington (entrance opposite #41 East Street driveway).

Finally, we have special corporate rates/opportunities for companies and groups who want to provide employees with access to CSAs to be delivered to their work. Email us with any questions you have –

Starting in early June and lasting through the end of October, the weekly offerings range in size and variety as the seasons progress. Some spring item examples may include a variety of lettuces, snap peas, cooking greens, radishes and other early root crops.  The summer months bring the bulk of the variety we grow at the farm, from summer squash and zucchini, cucumbers, onions & tomatoes (we grow the best around) as well as numerous salad greens, beans, peppers, eggplants, etc. Our fall harvest typically includes late season summer crops and hearty fare like winter squash, potatoes, apples,  kales, turnips, beets, etc.  While we cannot guarantee that everything planted will survive to harvest, we do know that we offer a wide variety for your tables all season long.  Check out our Instagram page (@waldingfieldfarmct) to see examples of weekly offerings…

As most people who join CSA’s know, the money we take in helps the farm operate all season long, even when there is no produce to be harvested.  It pays for our seed purchases in the winter months, labor & start up costs in the spring, and most importantly it allows the farmers to focus on growing instead of “marketing” the harvest. Most importantly, it is is your commitment to  sharing the risk in what we do, and the reward is some of the best organic food in CT.  So think about it. Does this work for you and your family?  We understand in today’s society that many people wish to participate in the local food system and that joining a CSA is a great way to ensure that farms stay in your area. Thanks!

Some advantages for consumers who join a CSA:

  • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin/nutritional benefits
  • Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking (we send recipes)
  • Get to visit the farm at least once a season (if not a farm pick up), great for kids!
  • Find that children typically favor food from “their” farm
  • Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows your food and learn more about how is produced

Hope to have you all on board!