Month: May 2012

The Allen Stevenson School Field Trip

For the 9th consecutive year, The Allen Stevenson School  in New York City (and Patrick’s alma mater) sent 5th grade biology and earth science students to the farm to work and learn about sustainable farming.  Forty one students and five teachers braved the VERY hot […]

NY Times – 5.22.12

Patrick was quoted a few times in a blog posting for the NY Times about crop insurance and the upcoming Farm Bill.  Check it out!

The early riser…

There is a new member of the security team here at the farm named Eliot, a jack russell/border collie mix, who hails from Brooklyn, NY.  Though he has been with us since December of 2011, it is only now that he is truly engaging in […]

Rain, plant, sun, rain, plant, sun, repeat…

The past week has seen a glorious mix of warm, sunny, uber spring days book-ended by lovely long soaking rains.  Just what the doctor needed.  Last Wednesday and Thursday the crew dropped 3500 Zuc and Squash plants into the ground, as well as another 3000 […]

A much needed rain…

The skies above Waldingfield have opened up and a steady rain has begun to fall. Our lettuce loves it…our kale loves it…but perhaps most of all, our sugar snap peas love it. Indeed, what started out as a hot and unusual spring season has settled into a […]

GMO’s pose difficult questions…

Take a read of the link about GMO’s.  

Happy Mothers Day

To all the moms out there we salute you!  We are thinking of all the moms who taught us how to be good people, respectful people, and it is they for whom we aspire to be the best we can be.