Winter farmers markets…

Its was a balmy 15 degrees as we loaded the truck this morning in the early first light.  We were thankful it wasn’t zero as the previous mornings had been, and there was little wind.  We were off to sell our fare at the New Haven (Woosetr Square) winter farmers market and the cold air cut through ones breath making it almost difficult to inhale.  The last remaining acorn squash, fingerling potatoes, and beets, as well as our pasta sauces, bloody mary mix, maple syrup, and honey were carefully packed into the truck for the hour long drive.  It was good to have a co-pilot this weekend and as we pulled out of the driveway the sun was now over the eastern skyline.  

New Haven was no warmer as we unloaded and set up our stall, saying our hello’s to our fellow growers and producers, each with a remark about the weather, or a swear word muttered under their breath,  Winter markets are for the hearty, dedicated, few who need their local fix, who crave the freshest goods, and this market provides everything they really could need to nourish their inner loca-vore;   Meats, fish, cheeses (both goat and cow), indoor greens, hearty root crops, breads, pastries, and even the glutton free cookies – all are there for the buying public.

So, did the people come?  Well, kind of.  The crowd was slim but brought their cash/credit cards/check books and business was brisk at times.  Of course the exchanges were mostly on the comical side, “how about the heat wave?” etc, but by noon when the sun was high in sky and the market was almost done, we realized it had been a solid market.  Its part of what we do and making every market, 50 weeks of the year, is how we make our living.  Sure, it was damn cold and it would be swell to have an indoor site but such as it is the few truly cold days are kind of an adventure.  At least it was sunny.  

As we pulled back into the farm the wind was whipping over the ridge.  It was still 15 degrees but our pockets were a little fuller and our spirits were high.  Another market down.  46 more Saturdays to go…



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