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Once you try our collards you may never eat spinach again.  Solid green, baby, solid.


One of the few fruits we grow, summer just isn't summer without at least one, super sweet, melon from the farm.

organic peppers

The crew at the farm loves the hot pepper crop we plant each year, as well as the sweet bell peppers.  Lots of variety for the pepper aficionados at the markets...

organic pumpkins

Pumpkins make the autumn season come to life.  We grow white ones, orange ones, decorative ones, or eatin' ones.  Awesome.

organic radish

Spicy and yummy, the radish continues to march up the rankings of farm favorites...

Salad Greens

Leafy greens should be served daily.  We grow a lot of variety at the farms and will have greens all season long.

Summer Squash

From July through October, we provide yellow squash in many shapes and sizes.  The patty pan is a leading variety each year.

organic spinach

Not just for that brawling sailor, the spinach crop is one of the first available each spring at the farm.

organic kohlrabi
German for turnip cabbage. Who knew?

Simply put, leeks rock.  Waldingfield loves the leek, and the leek loves Waldingfield.

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