The First CSA Pick Up…

For the past twenty-three years we have had a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  This unique investment model allows farmers and clients to share the risk, and rewards, of the farming season by providing up front capital for the farm and spend less time trying to find ways to sell the crop.  The client to farmer relationship is one to one.   We are your farmers…

This past weekend we started the twenty-week season of weekly distributions to our shareholders and the response was strong.  We had over 90 percent retention from last year and it was really nice to meet the new members into our CSA family.  The first pick-ups were at the farm stand, the New Haven and Kent farmers markets over the weekend, and we did a drop at The New Milford Hospital last Thursday.  Sandy Hook and Weston start next week.  

The CSA members got fresh lettuces (red leaf, green leaf and green romaine), arugula, bok choy sum (heart of the flower), tats soi, and kale.  Its greens season right now but soon the summer vegetables will arrive and the baskets will grow to include, cucumber, squash, zuc, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc., right on into the fall crops like winter squash and pumpkins.

For those people interested in this type of participatory farming experience we recommend finding a farm near you and joining up.  The food is fresher then you get at the supermarket, and you can leave your wallet at home as you have already paid for the food up front!  You will not (hopefully) be disappointed.  

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