Rain, plant, sun, rain, plant, sun, repeat…

The past week has seen a glorious mix of warm, sunny, uber spring days book-ended by lovely long soaking rains.  Just what the doctor needed.  Last Wednesday and Thursday the crew dropped 3500 Zuc and Squash plants into the ground, as well as another 3000 cucumbers, 1500 cauliflower , 3200 broccoli, and another 1200 collard greens!  Phew. Huge effort by the 2012 team.  When it hits, its gonna be epic.  Weekend markets continue to roll though this upcoming Memorial Day weekend we say good bye to the Edgewood Park (New Haven) winter market.  It was a good last six months there and we are thankful for the business.  Soon the Sandy Hook, Downtown New Haven, and Weston markets will get underway which will bring our weekly total to 5 (as we have been doing the past three years)..  So come on by and get some killer veggies!  Also, we will have some guest bloggers throughout the season so as to keep things from getting stale.  Sweet!

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