Press Mentions
Press Mentions

Through the years, all the way back to our very first season, the press has always been very kind to us here at the farm.  Numerous local papers, magazines, and even the grey lady herself, have profiled the farm in one way or another.  It is always interesting to see how a farm like ours has evolved, growing in size, expanding its overall mission(s) and how it is perceived within the community.  The articles here, though not all of them, show how we have managed to keep the model going.  Many thanks to all the reporters and photographers who have come to visit us through the years.  We are always appreciative of the support and interest in what we do.  Cbeers!

Just found these mention in the NY Times from 2011.  Better late then never...;mabReward=relbias%3Ar

A nice piece by a Litchfield County Blog "" 

Nice, pictures, too!

Another nice mention from our friends @ Litchfield Maagzine

A nice mention in Litchfield Magazine's Holiday edition about our new field high tunnel

Our county magazine featured an article about dinners being held on farms.  We are featured with a beautiful picture and mention for our "Outstanding in the Field" dinner in September of this year.  See the link below...

Patrick was quoted a few times in a blog posting for the NY Times about crop insurance and the upcoming Farm Bill.  Check it out!

The New York Times writes about A List Farmers and restaurants.

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