One of the few fruits we grow, summer just isn’t summer without at least one, super sweet, melon from the farm.


Athena: The goddess of wisdom and the arts returns for her annual three month lecture tour at Waldingfield University. Much hype about her abilities made her wildly anticipated in 1998, and she did not disappoint. The fields of the Farm are filled with converts camping out waiting for the next appearance. Reminds people of the Grateful Dead hysteria of the early 1990s before Jerry’s passing.

Bidwell Casaba: Probably the biggest melon you will ever see!!! You won’t believe the sheer size. The only variety of vegetable with a United States Senate heritage, as it was procured from Senator Bidwell (Ca.1860s) out in California. This year, our melon crop will work, by golly, or I will walk to California and back as punishment. 
Early Silverline: This unique whitish flesh has been hailed by critics throughout the world as nothing short of astonishing. We think you’ll agree. The Gold Rush of 1849 had nothing on this melon-sheer madness!

Availability: August

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