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23 Jan 2013

That sound you hear outside your window is the ice shifting and the air breaking in half.  Geeze Louise it's cold out there!!  So what is a farmer to do in the heart of winter you may ask?  Well, there is a lot actually.  Get seed orders ready, map out the field production plan for the year upcoming, go look at machinery at other farms or dealerships, mend broken machinery, just to name a few things which make the short days of winter pass and prepare us for the upcoming spring.  

The greenhouses are in limbo right now as we do not have heat supply other then the sun and the leeks which are wintering over are relatively snug, and soon the greens will emerge to provide salad for our March and April markets.  The field tunnel grant came through and shortly we will have a season extending field tunnel which was and is very much needed for our farm to make the 12 month a year growing we desire.  

It's also nice to enjoy the rest of winter. The toil in the fields does indeed take some recovery time.  While thee is still some out door work to be done, the cold arctic chill makes the desire a little less so to chop wood and shovel snow.   We also need this cold weather, the frozen ground will help cull some of the animal/pest population while also making the chance of any disease lingering in the fields from last season all but irrelevant.  

So, bundle up and enjoy the chance to skate on the pond, or grab a book and saddle up to the arm chair next to the fire.  Winter is here.  

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15 Jan 2013

Ok, so its been a long time since the last post.  Actually seven months but we're looking to start off the new season with plenty of content for your viewing pleasure (we hope).  After loosing track of the blog updates during the height of the season we are now going to incorporate the website/online media training as part of the farms internship program.  In todays world it pays to know as much about the ways of the laptop as the fields!  

So, today will be a short post just to get back into the swing of things.  As it is CSA sign up season we thought a couple of links about CSAs and what the pros and cons are might be helpful for anyone thinking of joining up in their area.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!  


P and Q

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13 Jul 2012

It is hard to imagine the damage that such intense heat can cause nationwide but what is happening now across our land is nothing short of devastating.   Record temperatures, and then some freakish heavy rain which brings flooding (Texas) are certainly cause for concern,  Here on the farm we are only partially irrigated but the crops which need the most water are getting their due.  Some crops like tomatoes really love this weather and we have seen an acceleration towards fruit bearing this season unlike previous years.  

It looks like this is going to be a long summer of heat.  Lets keep a special eye on our farmers who have to bear the brunt of the work (outside).  It is for you we toil...

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