Mid Summer Update

20 Aug 2015
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August is bittersweet.  The weather is gorgeous (usually) and we hang onto the sun and warm air knowing that the cooler winds will come once more.  The leaves start to ever so slightly shift towards colors known in autumn, and the (summer) crops approach their peak.  It is a magical time on a farm in New England with two seasons clearly in hand - the fall fare offer glimpses of the harvests to come, while picking the best of the late summer bounty.  If only it could last forever…

The fields have given us a lovely bounty of goods bound for your tables so far this year with our famed Heirloom tomatoes, sun gold cherry tomatoes, arugula, mustards, Anaheim & other hot peppers, fingerling potatoes, yellow and green beans, and leeks to name but a few of our veggies, leading the way. The fall crops look to be in fine shape so stay tuned for an autumn to remember.

So as we approach the last two weekends in August, and the kids contemplate returning to school (gasp!!) we want to let the public know how lucky we feel to be able to grow food for our community.  Though never easy, and the dry summer has definitely given us some trouble, to have such a supportive CSA membership, and neighbors who support at markets and our farm stand, that it is a real source of pride for us knowing you share our passion.   Our crew feels the love and thanks you all for it!

There’s the beauty of the sunshine

When it makes love to the fields

Warming seeds asleep and waiting

For the harvest they will yield

We thought these few lines of prose perfectly sum up how we are feeling at the farm these past few months.  After many weeks of seeding and reaping the rewards, we can admire the effort of those who will soon be leaving us, and know that for those who remain, much work is still to be done.

The farm life should never be overly-romanticized but for the few who do we can understand where it comes from.  The power of imagery that the land and those who work it often fills a void within the daily travails of the general public who yearn to be back in a simpler time, when sweat meant a day was productive and the hands getting dirty was a good thing.  Until that time comes we will continue to do it for you along with the rest of the farm community.  

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