2017 – A new year begins…

It is a brand new year with many challenges ahead of us as we enter our 28th season (whoa!!) growing certified organic vegetables in the Litchfield hills.  It never ceases to amaze us how quickly time flies and as we settle into middle age as a business, the future looks really bright.   Over the next month indoor projects abound, as well as some harvesting in the high tunnels of hearty winter greens, and of course capital raising through our CSA program.    The CSA is the lifeline of operations like ours in the cold winter months, bringing in much needed revenue whilst the fields rest.  Each Saturday we will still head to market,  taking carrots and beets, some winter squash,  to go with the winter greens, as well as our food products.  It will make for a decent table each Saturday from now through April. 

Irrigation is the name of the game in 2017,  thus allowing for efficeint, highly productive, use of our land.  Mother nature, as much as we love her, cannot be counted on the nourish the crops anymore.  After the last two drought ridden seasons we cannot afford to go another year without out 18 acre system (from a NRCS grant) being operational. It looks like things are in order now for a successful start to the season in 2017.  Coupling new growing methods to our already proven techniques, the farm looks to ramp up the yields by at last 25% in this year alone.  By 2018 that number should be more like 50-75% increased yields on the same amount of land.  Smarter, more efficient, more sound, more sustainable… 

This season the blog will be handed off to guests who will be able to write about anything they want (within the farming paremeter, naturally) and we hope you will add to the them with commenets.  

Happy New Year!

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