Month: March 2013

First plantings of 2013

So, after a little bit of a delay, the 2013 season is officially on!  As seen in the picture, the first wave of sugar snap peas went in the ground March 28th.  Not bad considering there was snow on the ground last week.  The air […]

Um, is it Spring yet?

Um, is it Spring yet?

Two days into spring and what you may ask does that mean for the farm?  Well, usually the first wave of sugar snap peas would have been in the ground but there still remains a few inches of snow cover, as well as the fact […]

March, lion or lamb?

Ah, March, you rascal.  Balmy and sunny one  moment, snowy, icy and cold the next.  As spring peeks out from around the corner, winterreminds us she still has a few last bursts of arctic air left to dispel.  The month where we start the process once again of toiling the land, creating from the good earth a sustainable crop in which to feed the community.  A month where seeding directly into the ground will begin (sugar snap peas go in the ground in 7 days) kicks off the long 7 month planting season here at Waldingfield, it is also the month which sees the last of our 2012 storage crops coming to an end.  A month of contradictions.

So as the weather challenges us outside, the warmer temperatures in the greenhouses provide the perfect environment for our spring greens to flourish.  Rows of salad are sprouting up (the pic is from a few weeks earlier) and now the entire house is filled with greens which will be ready for market in early April.  The snow from last week is now gone, the thaw not quite making the muddy mess we’re sure to get, and the farmers can easily maneuver around the property on the tractors.  The buzz has started for 2013…

A couple of nice notes to pass along.  One of the farmers, Patrick, and his wife Suzie, are now the proud parents of Griffin Ryerson Rogers Horan, born 3.5.13.  Mother and child are well and will be spending much of the summer at Waldingfield.  Also, we are happy to announce that Waldingfield will once again host “Outstanding in the Field” in 2013.  The event is September 4th, tickets go on sale March 20th.  

So, as our CSA sign up continues, and the spring planting begins, there is much to rejoice for the upcoming season.  All we ask for is that March goes out like a lamb and allows us to farm unencumbered by Mother Nature.

CSA – the way of the future (partly)…

CSA – the way of the future (partly)…

The snows of Nemo linger still, the air temperature fluctuates between bitter and balmy, and the ground hog said to look for spring a little later then usual. So what does that mean we do at the farm to pass the time, you may ask. […]